Rembo styling

Modern & luxurious Boho Chic

For decades, Rembo styling has been a trendsetter when it comes to the creation of exceptional wedding dresses.

Rembo styling dresses are instantly recognizable and graciously complement your sense of style, confidence and independence. The new collection exudes a romantic nostalgia with a touch of sensuality.

Carefully selected fabrics, a superb fit and Rembo styling’s legendary attention to detail, such as handmade flowers and delicate pearl ornaments, all made for the wedding dress of your brides dreams.

Ruth Donné is our head designer.
She’s accompanied by Géraldine Simonnet and Manon Pascual.

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Civil: the new trend

One of the new trends in Rembo Styling is the "Civil" line, a capsule collection that was specifically designed to provide a dream dress for brides for their civil wedding. "Civil" consists of eight pieces in the famous boho chic style of Rembo styling.

All dresses are made in superior fabrics such as luxurious, thick crepe, chiffon or tulle and are decorated with modern, sheer lace. Details such as a gold-colored zippers or buttons complete the look. At first sight the design is very simple, but it is the combination that makes the difference: the right lace with the right materials and the right finishing.

A lot of research was done before developing the Civil collection. The designers listened very well to the needs of the bridal shops and the wishes of contemporary brides; they want a beautiful, simple and affordable short dress which is finished with exquisite detail. Given the fact that a short dress requires as much work as a long dress, it was not easy to make such a special dress for the right price. After a long search however, the designers managed to create a stunning range and the group believes strongly in its success!

The jumpsuit is new within the Rembo styling collection and is an absolute highlight. In addition, you will find beautiful, romantic and refined dresses that are comfortable and yet look sexy. Not the typical mermaid look but the loose 'boho chic' style which is a wonderful balance between a certain nonchalance and sophistication. Details such as lace with geometric motifs and the combination of these heavier laces with crepe, long sleeves, deep backs and the integration of knitwear, make the look perfect!

Géraldine Simonnet

Elegant, powerful dresses for the strong bride

The past collections offered a variety of styles. This year, the collection is designed in three distinct themes. One part of the collection is romantic classic, though the word classic is deceptive. It's about simple, bright dresses that are also very smooth and on which fine guipure lace has been placed. These are dresses for a bride who's looking for certainty.

A second set of dresses is for a bride with a certain temperament. The dresses are contrasted by the use of different materials and laces with distinct motives. Most dresses have deep open backs. They are very elegant, powerful dresses for the strong bride. A final series is for girls who want something completely different for their Big Day. The dresses are not traditional. Even though some creations are based on classics, they are completely different. For instance within the collection there is a very stylish short dress or another example is a flexible, simple dress which you combine with a kimono on top. Very folk inspired!

One of my professors in the academy once said: "If you know where you're going, you have chosen the wrong path." He's right. I want to know what goes on today in our society and how young brides react to that. That's my working method.

Manon Pascual

A special vision on bridal fashion

You can count on Manon Pascual to share her special vision on bridal fashion. Elegant dresses for fashionable brides who know what they want.

"Vintage but different. My dresses are highly distilled, with a nice cut which encloses the body beautifully. Notable are the deep V-necklines both front and back." This fits with the target group of the French designer: young women who have already been to many friends' weddings. They are knowledgeable and are looking for something different.

Much attention is also paid to the materials. Manon: "I used fabrics like crepe. Furthermore, you will see less lace. Because a look hinges on accessories, I have completed the capsule collection with some veils adorned with delicate flowers. That may seem very retro and yet it is not. My choice is resolutely modern."

Ruth Donné

Details complete the look

Civil is the new line within Rembo styling which – as the name suggests – is intended to dress brides on the day of their civil marriage. Designer Ruth explains that Civil arose at the request of customers who want to wear a dream dress for their civil occasion as well.

Ruth Donné: "Currently fashion chains create beautiful, simple white dresses that you can wear for the civil occasion and that inspire young brides. Yet on such a special day they want something with a little more of a bridal look. They are looking for a simple yet special short dress that is finished with exquisite details. We have responded to that request with our capsule collection Civil.

Civil is a capsule collection consisting of eight pieces in the famous boho chic style of Rembo styling. All dresses are made in exquisite fabrics such as luxurious thick crepe, chiffon and tulle and are decorated with modern, sheer lace. Details such as a gold-colored zipper or buttons complete the look."