Manon Pascual

Manon Pascual

The contemporary version of the princess dress

You can count on Manon Pascual to share her special vision on bridal fashion. “Couture avec les mains dans les poches” is how Manon Pascual describes her own style. Elegant dresses for fashionable brides who know what they want. She has designed ten dresses for Marylise this year, a capsule collection which sets the trend in bridal fashion.

“My favourite dress? For this season, I’ve reworked the ultimate classic, the princess dress, though it hasn’t become a rigid dress, but a very contemporary version in modern fabrics in blue and ivory. Finished with a butterfly sleeve, Rosa, as I have christened the dress, looks very fresh.” says Manon.

According to Manon this dress fits today’s bridal trends. “Vintage but different. My dresses are highly distilled, with a nice cut which encloses the body beautifully. Notable are the deep V-necklines both front and back. Also recognizable are the pockets both in and on the dresses. When they are inside, they are so transparent. The pockets reflect a nonchalant attitude.”

This fits with the target group of the French designer: young women who have already been to many friends’ weddings. They are knowledgeable and are looking for something different. The fusion of the bohemian look with the princess dress completely suits their taste.

Much attention is paid to the materials

Manon: I used fabrics like crepe and striped cotton piqué. Furthermore, you will see less lace. Because a look hinges on accessories, I have completed the capsule collection with some veils adorned with delicate flowers. That may seem very retro and yet it is not. My choice is resolutely modern.