The future of bridal fashion is…

Their life and work are dominated by bridal fashion. They closely follow international developments in the sector. Werner and Chiara De Vlieger list the trends in bridal fashion.

an experience
The client becomes more and more articulate and that is no different for the bride. She is not willing to compromise. The average bride is young and future-oriented and bridal boutiques must respond to that. Simply offering expertise is not enough. As a boutique, you must keep up with the times. It starts with the look and feel of the store. Young people want an experience. You need to seduce them with an attractive shop window and interior design.

In addition, boutiques should also be aware that you no longer only address the bride via the classic communication channels. If you want to attract the bride, you have to inspire her, and you do that via social media.

Brides no longer order their dress a year in advance. We’ve had a good season, but at first, we had the impression that sales were falling. What we have now noticed is that brides are buying their dress closer and closer to their wedding date. They are postponing their decision. They look around online where they have an abundance of choice. Maybe too much choice. They’re used to ordering clothes online and getting them delivered the following day. This sometimes causes misunderstandings, because a wedding dress like ours is still partly handcrafted and takes time to make. Fortunately, we produce the dresses ourselves in-house which means a lot more is possible.

We are also continuing to think about the future of the wedding dress. A wedding gown is by definition not durable, because you only wear it once. Sooner or later the bride will start to wonder if her dress can still be used later. The millennial is aware of the ecological footprint of a wedding dress and party. More conscious handling of clothing and transportation is a trend that is likely to continue. It is up to us to inspire brides to reuse their dress, for example. We haven’t quite figured out how yet, but we are working on it.

a unique vision
What we at MRFG focus on is the creation of unique, innovative dresses and excellent service to our customers. We strongly believe that this is the way to the future. We are the only company in Europe that has the talent and production capabilities to achieve this. With this we want to set ourselves against the mainstream offering in the bridal market that we believe lacks identity.

One of the ways to become a player of the future is to diversify: a wider offering with multiple brands so that we can appeal to different types of brides. This is one of the reasons why we are launching Carta Branca, our premium line in collaboration with Veronique Branquinho. With Carta Branca we want to play a niche market, that of the fashionista who is looking for something exceptional. After all, we are trendsetters.

Carta Branca is being showcased as a luxurious new brand for our company. We consciously opted for exclusive materials and a refined finish. We think it’s a unique opportunity to work with a great fashion personality like Veronique Branquinho. We have the infrastructure; they have the expertise. This collaboration is a real win-win. For us, this new collection provides an asset to conquer new markets such as North and South America and China. Carta Branca attracts a new level of attention with the ultimate eye-catching designs.