welcome tinny

Welcome Tinny (38)

Sales support

“Being able to help a bride for her special day, that is the best aspect of my job”, says Tinny, who has been working at MRFG since September 11th last year as Sales Support. In that role she is in daily contact with Marylise and Rembo Styling customers, wedding shops from all over the world. She takes care of the input of their orders and sends out consignment dresses. A dream job, says Tinny.

“When I had my first interview at MRFG, I thought: ‘I want this job’. MRFG is a creative Belgian company with international allure and that attracted me. In this job I can practice my two passions: languages and fashion. In the past I wanted to study at Art College but that wasn’t possible at the time. I followed a “neutral” direction, secretarial/languages and I’m fluent in French, English and German. I’m not involved with the creative part of the job, but I am in the middle of it and that is special.

“The bride’s special day is very special for me too”

Every day I learn something new, such as the language of bridal fashion. Few people think about it but the manufacture of a wedding dress is very technical and depends on a specific vocabulary. Bit by bit I’ve learned that technical side. This is important because we can customize a design of a wedding dress at the request of the bride. What we can or cannot change depends on many factors and I have to be able to explain that by telephone.

Another thing that attracts her is teamwork. We are all equally eager to help each other with one goal in mind: the bride needs to have her dream dress ready in time for her big day.

Tinny previously worked for 9 years at a chocolate producer. Also a nice product; a very different sector. “I prefer the world of bridal fashion. What attracts me so much is the romantic aspect of my job. I completely sympathize with the special day of our brides. Their special day is also very special to me. “