Carta Branca is a Belgian collection designed in Antwerp. It stands for pieces that are way ahead of their time, avant-garde, made in precious silk fabrics and with an artisan finish. Carta Branca wants to say as much as carte blanche, but through the Portuguese translation the link is immediately made to our production, in Portugal.


The brand upholds its authenticity standard, technique, and pure innovation, delivering exclusive dresses that breathe freedom of choice and expression. Our designers are given carte blanche in their work, presenting unparalleled collections each season. Chapter IV, El Viento, is designed by Claudia Llagostera and Géraldine Simonnet.

Carta Branca breaths freedom of choice, of expression and an inherent desire to break creative barriers. The designers who fill in the pages of our story are given carte blanche in their work, resulting in 100% authentic creations. Our dresses carry the brand’s essence but seen through every creator’s lenses.


Each dress is individually made in a trustable production environment, with precision and timeless designs and a bold approach to beauty.


One of the new trends in Rembo Styling is the “Civil” line, a capsule collection that was specifically designed to provide a dream dress for brides for their civil wedding. “Civil” consists of eight pieces in the famous boho chic style of Rembo styling.


All dresses are made in superior fabrics such as luxurious, thick crepe, chiffon or tulle and are decorated with modern, sheer lace. Details such as a gold-colored zippers or buttons complete the look. At first sight the design is very simple, but it is the combination that makes the difference: the right lace with the right materials and the right finishing.


A lot of research was done before developing the Civil collection. The designers listened very well to the needs of the bridal shops and the wishes of contemporary brides; they want a beautiful, simple and affordable short dress which is finished with exquisite detail. Given the fact that a short dress requires as much work as a long dress, it was not easy to make such a special dress for the right price. After a long search however, the designers managed to create a stunning range and the group believes strongly in its success!


The jumpsuit is new within the Rembo styling collection and is an absolute highlight. In addition, you will find beautiful, romantic and refined dresses that are comfortable and yet look sexy. Not the typical mermaid look but the loose ‘boho chic’ style which is a wonderful balance between a certain nonchalance and sophistication. Details such as lace with geometric motifs and the combination of these heavier laces with crepe, long sleeves, deep backs and the integration of knitwear, make the look perfect!

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