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The Marylise collection of wedding dresses and bridal gowns features a winning balance of simplicity, femininity and refinement. The collection features the finest fabrics along with simple yet striking cuts and subtle details.


At Marylise our main goal is to make unique wedding dresses that match our brides, once in a lifetime experience. Being in the bridal business for more than 90 years, we have a lot of experience and know how to guarantee a great fit, high quality and the most innovative designs.


To ensure we remain trendsetters, we’ve incorporated a creative laboratory within our design department. It’s the place where all the creative magic happens! We strongly believe in bringing creative forces together. Working with a team of several designers worldwide, each with different backgrounds and personalities, enriches Marylise enormously.


It enables us to come up with fresh designs year after year! Every designer has their own signature and working method, which makes it even more refreshing to combine all of these creative forces. Our creative dream team makes sure you’ll find your once in a lifetime dress. Because that’s what it’s all about.

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