2024 Fashion Show at BBFW

An amazing start to a new bridal season!


MRFG had the pleasure of showcasing our New Collections on April 18 in Barcelona! Our fashion show, Glimmer Soul, portrayed the innovation, energy and spirit characteristic of each brand. Take a look at the new designs straight from the runway and get to know the 2025 Collections of Marylise, Rembo Styling and Carta Branca. 

Get a taste of modern bridal elegance with the new season of Marylise. Introducing pure sophistication with a new tailored silhouette, redefined ballgowns and ethereal shapes. In a stunning first time, the Short Dresses Collection also made an appearance on the catwalk!

Uncover the rising trends present in the 2025 Collection of Rembo Styling. Renewed lines, dreamy embroidery and new Party Collection pieces, shining on the catwalk with rich colours.

Unveil the clean, versatile and timeless silk gowns of Carta Branca. Chapter V is an unparalleled collection of transformative pieces with modern and flattering shapes.

A special thanks to Alma en Pena and Jeannette Studio for completing our show with their amazing pieces.