6 key words for our company

6 key words for our company

Team spirit, creativity, respect, responsibility, reliability, continuity

To inspire brides from all over the world and to offer them an unforgettable day is the mission of Marylise and Rembo Styling. It’s also something the De Vlieger family want to continue to do for a long time with their entire team. Therefore, they’ve drawn up a charter in which they’ve committed themselves to the values ​​and vision of the company: team spirit, creativity, respect, responsibility, continuity and reliability. How does the international team experiences these building blocks of the company? A survey.



Jo: Even though as agents we don’t very often come to the Belgian headquarters, I still feel part of the team; there is really a feeling of ‘we’, and we are all at home here.

Mirjam: It’s a family run business and in addition to the De Vlieger’s we too are like a family. You notice this for example, when we take part in an exhibition. Customers appreciate that we are a strong team. If a colleague is busy with a customer and the next one comes earlier than expected, you help your colleague out. We help each other. That is obvious. I have experienced it differently in previous roles!



Mirjam: Marylise and Rembo Styling are designer collections. We work with a dedicated team of designers which is a rarity in this sector. Most brands just buy different models of wedding dresses from manufacturers and designing their own collection is out of question for them. What’s quite nice is that the designers of MRFG do not design from their ivory tower. They are present at the trade fairs, they listen to the bridal shops, to brides and to us. That’s a big advantage.

Neus: Indeed, in other companies designers often stand above and away from the rest of the team. Not here.

Jo: You can clearly see the new creativity in the latest Marylise collection. We have worked hard to make the collection fresh and innovative. What the designers have done, is unbelievable! Last autumn the creative team went away on a trip to recharge their batteries and the result is exactly what was needed, which I can only muster a lot of respect for.

Neus: Creativity goes beyond the design of the collection. As a fashion brand you have to constantly work on your image and setting the mood. You have to work on clever imagery; you can have the best dresses, but if you don’t show them with strong pictures, it’s a terrible waste.

Laurie: You have to constantly reinvent yourself as a brand, this helps you to build a relationship with (future) customers.

Chiara: Creativity is innovation. We want to distinguish ourselves in the market. We do this by creating a collection that has its own signature. We have all the expertise in house – from design to producing the dresses. Only then can we create unique products.



Hartmut: Mutual respect is obvious here.

Neus: I feel respected as a human being. Here you are a person, not a number. Without respect you will never achieve teamwork. For me respect is also about support on the rare occasion a mistake occurs. When something goes wrong, you can count on the support of an entire team.

Jo: Issues from the market are taken seriously. The outcome of Brexit meant that many brands raised their prices and I was afraid that this would happen to our dresses as well. and that would cost us customers. Out of respect for the English brides, our company did not change anything, something that I haven’t seen happen with other brands.

Chiara: We want to earn our unique position in the market by making the market stronger. We want to achieve this in a respectful, honest way.



Chiara: As managers we feel responsible for the people who earn their living with our products. our stockists. Responsibility is something that is close to our heart and that means treating everyone with respect. We are confident that we achieve the best results this way.

Mirjam: We all feel responsible for the customers and for the dresses. For me taking responsibility is to do as good a job as possible.

Jo: I feel that taking responsibility is an attitude, and everyone here has that attitude.

Hartmut: That’s why I’ve been working here 18 years (laughs).

Laurie: Integrity and trust is the basis of everything.



Hartmut: I am one of the longest serving people at the company; I am the witness of continuity. The company has evolved greatly since I started. We internationalized, Rembo Styling was added to the company later and there are also many innovations occurring in the collections. The future looks promising.

Neus: We take no hasty decisions; slowly but surely we grow and that feels good.

Mirjam: There is a vision, we know where we are going and we do it step by step. When a mistake happens during our journey, we fix it right away.

Jo: For me continuity also means following up on pending cases. The Team here in Belgium always answer and follow up any requests that are raised by customers.

Laurie: There is change and that’s about progress in a safe environment. Our customers feel that as well and they know we will still make good collections next year. This certainty gives confidence.



Laurie: Our customers can always rest assured: the products are beautiful and are delivered on time. If a store sees a dress in a picture and buys it, there’s no risk. What you see is what you get. I have no problems with edited images, but I note that some brands do not comply with ethics. This results in an ordered dress that does not look like what you ordered.

Mirjam: We have a loyal clientele. That’s because they know us and there’s a common trust. One year the collection may be stronger than another. That is typical for the fashion industry but nevertheless, our customers continue to increasingly believe in us. They know us.

Chiara: We want to offer an honest product: good quality at a fair price.

Mirjam: We are all proud to work here. Over the years most of the faces have remained the same because we love our job and the collections. That radiates confidence with our customer.