news building unique relationship with brides worldwide

Building a unique relationship with brides worldwide

Rita on the social media strategy of Marylise and Rembo Styling

Social media is very important for a bridal brand. It’s the perfect way to connect with customers and to interact with our brides. It is important that the whole picture is spot on. The bride will only commit once to your product so the storytelling must be correct. Rita is Social Media Editor at Marylise and Rembo Styling.


What subjects interest future brides?

Beautiful stories speak to everyone. We focus on topics that appeal to the bride and which are related to wedding gowns, our core business. One thing we always announce are trunk shows, events in cooperation with a bridal boutique where brides can discover all of our dresses. It’s quite amazing that when we announce a trunk show in an “exotic” place like Hawaii or Japan that followers respond very enthusiastically.

We frequently work with photographers who organize styled shootings. We deliver the dresses and in return we get beautiful images to publish.

We also work with our lookbook and catalogue images not only showing the dresses, but also focusing on the story behind the creations, or pictures behind the scenes of the shooting. If our company or one of our dresses appears in the press, of course we will show that too.

This way we have built a good reliable relationship with our audience and we ask them to share their photos as well. That always works great because the photos are always beautiful and our followers really appreciate them. We also always mention the photographer and others associated with the wedding or editorial. If you respect and acknowledge people, they will also be nice to you.

If I could give one tip: be kind and make sure that your post is relevant and fun, then you can always expect success.


How do you build a relationship with (future) brides?

When they decide to get married, brides have many questions. Especially about their wedding dress, because that’s the most important thing of all. That happens because their dress has an important effect on how they feel on their wedding day. They don’t hesitate to ask their questions to experts. And this includes us because we are very visible and easily accessible. Thanks to social media, we have a very direct and useful contact with brides-to-be.

By being authentic and providing inspiration, we have built up a unique relationship with brides worldwide which is becoming very fruitful.


What are their questions for example?

If they can also buy short dresses for example, for a civil marriage. We received that question so many times that the designers designed 7 short ones this year! The buzz from our brides made us realize there really was a desire for this type of dresses within our style, and thus the CIVIL collection was born!

The most common questions are: “How can I best style my dress?”, “Where can we find the right shoes?” and “Where can I find something warm to wear with my dress?”. These questions are directed internally to the right person. We try to help more and more followers. We consider it important that a bride feels beautiful on her wedding day. It’s so important that they can be themselves! We try to comfort and to ease our brides by giving them our best advice.


What do you do with tough questions?

Luckily we don’t get these very often. Sometimes we get the comment that the models on our campaign photos are too skinny. We design Marylise and Rembo Styling for all types of bodies. You do not have to be skinny to shine in our dresses. Therefore, we offer a wide range of sizes and a wide selection of styles so that every woman can feel beautiful with our dresses on her day. I give our brides this explanation and it alway has a positive effect.


Are there rules to success in social media?

Quality images are a must. A picture says more than a 1000 words. And further it’s a case of originality: to find a good angle. It is always a question of who is online at the time you send a message to the world, so you never know whether or not interaction will occur. Sometimes you generate incredible results, sometimes just a few responses. The only certainty you have is that if you always do your best, you’ll get good results in the long term.

If I can give you a tip: post only content that you are proud of. When in doubt, do not!


What does that mean for you, every day being in the bridal fashion?

This is a real dream job. I only work with happy people. What more could I ask for?