Cedric Vlieger

Cedric De Vlieger makes its entry

“The future of MRFG is assured”

In September last year, Cedric De Vlieger stepped into the MRFG family business as a production manager. With a master’s degree in Applied Economics and international experience at a consultancy firm, he is armed to gradually take over the helm of the company together with his sister Chiara. “Our customers can sleep on both ears: with this duo the future of MRFG is assured,” says Werner De Vlieger.

“My sister and I are complementary,” Cedric says. “She is the perfect person for everything in creation and communication; I will rather focus on the business side. ”

Even though Cedric has grown up in between bridal fashion, yet it was not obvious that he would also join the family business. He consciously gained experience elsewhere first.

The acquisition by the next generation is done in a very responsible way.

“I lived in the United States for two years and worked for four years in a large company as a consultant for the pharmaceutical sector. Something completely different from bridal fashion. In my opinion, my parents did not think I would ever step into the bridal business. In the medium term, I will take responsibility for the production and the financial part. Currently I take my time to get to know the company inside and out. That means that I am often in Portugal now. I’m already learning Portuguese, “Cedric laughs.

Going from a large company to a family business requests adaptation, Cedric confesses. Although he sees the benefits of it. “I am used to specific working methods and structures and that experience is useful for the organization of MRFG. The aim is to further professionalize and invest in the future. We want to continue international growth. ”

Werner adds: “The acquisition by the next generation is done in a very responsible way. Plato groups from VOKA, institute of family business, company coaches, … the government provides various instruments to leave a family business in good hands. Until now, it is a positive experience. ”

“We have made clear agreements as a family. The management is settled over to the children in different phases. I find the process very interesting. I went to see my children in a very different way. Suddenly you look at the competencies of your children as a manager. Bridal fashion is in their genes and they are both driven. I am confident. “