Claudia Llagostera

Designs a capsule collection for Marylise

Claudia has her own bridal workshop in Madrid where she dresses future brides who know exactly what they want: a unique dress in which they can completely be themselves. For the Marylise 2020 collection, Claudia Llagostera has designed a capsule collection of seven pieces. “I am happy with this collaboration, our styles complement each other perfectly and we share the same values”.

“I love wedding dresses, and for as long as I can remember, white has been my favorite color and I love lace. The best ideas for a dress are created by mixing and combining different materials.”

So you are inspired by fabrics.
Indeed and also cinema, fashion of past eras and speaking with customers. I’m not into trends, a wedding dress should be timeless, I think.

Why did you turn to bridal fashion?
What I love is that you are part of a unique day in someone’s life. You know that the bride will remember you forever. My clients and I are all part of a big Claudia Llagostera family. For each of “my” brides, I create a special dress, a creation with a story, in which she can feel unique.

How do you describe your style?
I like simplicity, innocence and romance. The dresses I make are powerful and have a strong personality.

What do Llagostera creations look like for Marylise?
One of the dresses is very romantic, in tulle and lace. Another crepe dress is very minimalist and very beautiful when combined with an embroidered blouse or a light crepe cape and a pleated fabric. There is a lace tulle dress with embroidery that looks more sophisticated. Finally, I created a silk skirt with guipure lace to wear with a wool jacket.

You have your own collection. When did you start it?
After studying fashion design at Istituto Europeo di Design, I worked for different Spanish brands. Eight years ago, I created my own fashion brand under the name of Lentejita. A line with casual clothes, ranging from jackets to crochet bikinis. A few years later, I decided to focus on tailored evening dresses; the first step on the way to fashion for brides.

What does a typical work day look like for you?
Every day at the workshop is different, that’s the benefit of my job. I work directly with the clients and guide them through the process: from our first meeting where we discuss ideas to the choice of materials and finishing each detail of the dress. I spend a lot of my time fitting dresses.