Designer in the spotlight

Zahid Yousefi

Zahid is from Afghanistan and has been working for MRFG for seven years. For the 2020 collection of Marylise he has designed seven dresses. His great strength is his expertise as a tailor.

“I live and breathe the desires of the customer and wonder which wedding dress she will want to buy next year. You will not see me drawing. I start with the fabric and bring my idea to life on the mannequin. The look of the dress is important for me because it should make the bride look their best. A marriage must be an unforgettable moment and the dress must make the bride and her family happy. I am glad that I can contribute to that.”

“I also use the fabrics as efficiently as possible. That is good from the economic aspect and nature and that is important to me.”

Last year, Zahid made his first dresses for Marylise. “I love the brand because the name comes from Werner’s sisters. It is a real family name and family is very important to me. The dresses I designed have sold well. The company are very satisfied with this, so I am happy too. This is a family business and my colleagues are also like family to me. ”

“I always worked with my family in Afganistan where I am originally from. I learned my craft from my father who is a tailor and I started learning when I was nine years old. My father was my teacher and also my boss. He now lives in the Netherlands. If I have a problem, I still call him.”

I designed seven dresses for this collection. I also make prototypes and provide technical advice to my colleagues. By improving patterns, you can reduce working hours on a dress so that you can create them faster and easier.