Geraldine Simonnet

Géraldine Simonnet

The capsule collection Amarildine

Parisian designer Géraldine Simonnet is the driving force behind the collection Amarildine by Rembo Styling. Her natural yet sophisticated style is a big success with the Rembo client. We expect nothing less in 2018 with this special capsule collection that reflects the vision of Géraldine for a modern bride.


What can we expect for 2018?

The past collections offered a variety of styles. This year, the collection is designed in three distinct themes. One part of the collection is romantic classic, though the word classic is deceptive. It’s about simple, bright dresses that are also very smooth and on which fine guipure lace has been placed. These are dresses for a bride who’s looking for certainty. A second set of dresses is for a bride with a certain temperament. The dresses are contrasted by the use of different materials and laces with distinct motives. Most dresses have deep open backs. They are very elegant, powerful dresses for the strong bride. A final series is for girls who want something completely different for their Big Day. The dresses are not traditional. Even though some creations are based on classics, they are completely different. For instance within the collection there is a very stylish short dress or another example is a flexible, simple dress which you combine with a kimono on top. Very folk inspired!

My inspiration source? What goes on in our society and how young brides react on that!


How did you get started for this collection?

My studio in the heart of Paris is a real laboratory where I experiment with materials, shapes and decorations. I will not work with themes; I do not know in advance what I will design. Creation is a quest! One of my professors in the academy once said: “If you know where you’re going, you have chosen the wrong path.” He’s right. I want to know what goes on today in our society and how young brides react to that. That’s my working method.


Can you clarify that method?

I’m very aware that everything is evolving rapidly. With what happened in Paris, nobody knows what’s coming tomorrow. There is a degree of uncertainty and everyone reacts differently to it. One person needs reassurance, another responds by behaving very confident and another doesn’t care and just does her thing. These three ways of responding are reflected in young brides as well. For each of them I design dresses that are refined and which they will feel good in.