here comes the bride

Here comes the bride


With their capsule collections of celebrated (guest) designers MRFG (Marylise & Rembo Fashion Group) shifts the creative boundaries of bridal fashion each year. Developing a creative group within MRFG is becoming fruitful; designers are in close contact with each other and there is a productive interaction. Combining these creative forces not only ensures that the MRFG group grows stronger, but also makes sure the brands become more innovative and progressive. The team spirit is stronger and more present than ever: everyone is 100% going for it. One team, one dream!

A new direction for Marylise: the easy chic look
The success of Marylise is the balance between simplicity, femininity and comfort. In 2018 we have navigated a new course with easy chic dresses tailored for strong young women who are not afraid to show their soft side on their wedding day.


What does this mean?

There’s still structure in the Marylise dresses but we have intertwined it with more tenderness. The dresses are less stiff than a few seasons ago. With light structures, new materials and a contemporary feel, we have made changes and given the brand a modern twist.

Bridal fashion trends in general are becoming softer and more flexible. Young brides look for inspiration on Pinterest. They want comfortable clothes rather than additional layers, for example a petticoat. A dress may have a certain volume, but must be light and comfy.

More and more girls are ready for a new look. The classic style has gone out of fashion except in a conservative market like the United States. And yet… recently we received some interest from that corner of the world – albeit in a niche market – precisely because we are different.


What are the trends for Marylise in 2018?

A striking difference compared to the previous season is the arrival of the sleeve; butterfly or long sleeves work well. Women today want to cover their arms. We have also worked on necklines; and backs are cut particularly deep. Compared to the previous seasons, the dresses are a lot less bulky, they have become more smooth and fluid. The focus is on feminine dresses, but within the collection there are also elegant tuxedo trousers which you can combine with a very modern lace blouse. Winter brides can wear this surprisingly elegant ensemble with a faux fur jacket.


How big is the difference compared with last year?

We pick up fashion trends very quickly! A lot has changed in a short period of time. We were known for glamour and for the frequent use of taffeta, combined with lots of volume in skirts. Now we have resolutely opted for a softer look. Glamour is passé. We worked very hard as an entire team on the reorientation of Marylise’s manuscript.


On what kind of women is Marylise focused?

Marylise focuses on the older career woman. She has arranged her life to perfection and she wants the same for her wedding day. She’s the type that would hire a wedding planner for this to be a perfect celebration. We’ve not only sharpened the image of the collection, but our images will evolve as well.


How will the Marylise images differ?

We want to distance ourselves from competitors with traditional wedding gowns. We want to surprise and inspire brides with beautiful, modern designs and a fresh approach. Mood and emotion will make the difference. Expect a styled look in a non-traditional way.


How will the look develop in the future?

Each season we must come up with something new to stay in the picture; we are a designer collection after all. These days well-known fashion houses have also discovered bridal wear again, we must continue to differentiate ourselves. Perhaps fashion will go back to classic again. We’ll follow the evolution of the market closely!

The range across both brands is so broad that any modern bride can find her style within it. Rembo Styling dresses are considered to dominate the boho chic look. Marylise attracts brides looking for an ‘easy chic’ dress. “We have worked hard this season on the positioning of both brands in order to create a very clear picture. If you want to be a pioneer in bridal market you must dare to make choices,” says Ruth.

Rembo Styling: Design meets Wild Boho
Rembo Styling is going very well. The boho look is very popular with young girls from all over the world who follow fashion closely. 2018 promises to be another great year with a wide range of romantic and refined dresses that are comfortable to wear.


What is so characteristic of the style of Rembo Styling?

Romantic & sexy, that’s how you could label the dresses. This style fits perfectly with the Rembo Styling bride. Rembo Styling offers modern sexiness which is different from the typical mermaid look, which was previously labeled as sexy in bridal fashion. Our boho look stands for a certain nonchalance. The style is loose and yet very sophisticated.


Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from couture and ready-to-wear. We pick out the most commercial trends. We are very critical of what we select. We choose a base that we like and then we translate it to a specific look that works for wedding gowns. Thus, for example knitwear is very popular these days and so we integrated it into our bridal collection. The general public might not be ready yet for such items, but as a trendsetter we find it important to offer this in our collection.


Who is the Rembo Styling 2018 bride?

She has a clear profile. It involves young romantic girls. She’s not the type that arranges her wedding to perfection. Marriage is important and it should be fun. She follows the fashion and lifestyle trends closely. She is knowledgeable and Pinterest plays an important role. It’s important for us to not only create beautiful dresses, but we also have to work hard on creating atmosphere and beautiful image pictures.


What’s new in this collection?

The renewal lies in the fabrics. We’re constantly in touch with our suppliers to keep track of the latest developments. What kind of new lace do they offer? In lace nowadays you see many geometric figures that look very graphic. It’s quite nice to combine these new laces with a heavier crepe in a modern design. As with Marylise there are a lot of dresses with deep open backs and dresses with long sleeves. Brides want to cover their arms these days and personally we feel long sleeves are also very elegant.


What is the highlight of the season?

No hesitation about that: the jumpsuit!