introducing our back office

Introducing our back office: Annelies


“The nicest thing about my job? The variety! I answer questions from customers all over the world, take care of the input of orders, plan and organise exhibitions and I manage the collection pieces. The days fly by.” Annelies (37) started working at Marylise and Rembo Fashion Group exactly one year ago. She looks back on an exciting period.

“From the first moment I came into the office to apply for the job, I had a good feeling about it. However, I come from a whole different world. After graduating in Multilingual Business, I started working at a welding company, where I supported the Export Manager. It felt as if that company was not moving forward, which is very unlike me, so I went looking for a new challenge.”

“With Rembo Styling and Marylise I ended up in a young team where everybody wants to move forward. We are all facing in the same direction and everyone goes for it, I like that. In the beginning it was quite tiring, I had to learn all the clients and vice versa. Despite the hard work, I noticed right away that this was the right place for me. This job gives me incredible energy.”

“Being busy every day with wedding gowns, warms my heart”

“Every day I get people from all over the world on the phone and I can use my language skills. I swap from English to French and German – and Dutch, of course – and I think that’s a plus. Furthermore, each of us here has a certain responsibility. Every day we are working on a bride’s best day. You cannot afford a mistake because such a day is planned to the last detail and the dress must be on time, there is no room for error.”

“Being busy with wedding gowns every day, warms my heart. I immerse myself in the world of the bride. That is why I am fighting for the dresses and if there is an urgency, I’ll do my best to solve that. Fortunately, I am never alone. We are a strong team.”