Rembo Styling Sustainable Collection

Magic is in the Fabric

Did you know that the clothing industry in general is the second largest polluter  worldwide? At Rembo Styling we are working hard on socially responsible entrepreneurship and on delivering a sustainable product. Among other things, we review all aspects of the lifecycle of our product to analyse how our dresses can have less impact on the environment. Leading a business these days is inextricably linked with respect for people and nature. Anyone who, as a fashion entrepreneur, wants to look at the future with confidence, has no choice but to invest in sustainability. Of course we remain true to our own creative style, but innovation is simply in our DNA.

For our sustainable dresses we consciously choose substances that pollute less water, have their origin from sustainable forest management and we minimize the use of new resources. We mainly work with recycled polyester, European hemp, bamboo, organic cotton and cupro viscose. The Bamboo we use for example in our collection comes from sustainable forest management. It is a fast growing plant that does not need much water and the production process is with fewer chemicals (and chemicals that are reused). The big advantage of bamboo is that it is soft on the skin and resistant to sweat. Ideal for a wedding dress!The entire collection is produced on demand in a conscious way in Portugal and we continue to work to increase the share of sustainable dresses in our collection.The most important lesson for us is that 100% sustainability does not (yet) exist. It’s a continuous process and we learn every day. We hope this will inspire and encourage you to choose for change as well. Because there is no planet B.