MRFG communicates digitally via social media

Building brands by inspiring brides

As a bridal brand, finding new customers is not always easy. It requires a strong communication strategy. “Everything is going online in 2019”, says Werner De Vlieger, “Even making appointments at bridal stores is now done digitally. That is why we are using our social media expert Liliana to focus on building a strong presence on social media, for example by working together with international photographers.”

“Bridal fashion is indeed not an easy market. It is a niche market and you do not have regular customers. You have to constantly build your brand”, Liliana explains.

Which strategy do you set for this?
In the 21st century, you have to communicate digitally to the consumer as a brand. The platform par excellence is Instagram. This means that you must have a strong brand image and work very visually.

How do you do that?
By building an identity. We put a positive image of our brands and ensure that brides share our stories. They are our ambassadors for our brand.

To which target group does MRFG focus: brides or bridal shops?
Connecting brides and wedding shops is the goal. It is a conscious choice to communicate directly with future brides. That is how we arouse interest. We want them to go to the bridal store to find their dream dresses. With our stories, we also want to inspire bridal shops and ensure that they have material to share with their potential customers.

Are you only present on Instagram?
No, we are also on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. We believe that you have to be present on these channels today to make your brand live. Instagram and Pinterest are the most important channels for us. Pinterest is very strong because you can create mood boards there and it is also very practical. You can really use it to inspire brides.
Facebook and twitter are perhaps not the platforms of the generation that is currently getting married but you can not neglect them.

With which techniques do you do that?
Brides-to-be must have confidence in your brand. We do this with images that appeal to them and by spreading knowledge. People buy from people. For that matter, a wedding dress is a luxury product. Production is a labor-intensive process: all our creations are made by professionals and are finished by hand. We show how and by whom they are made. We also make potential customers aware of the work that is involved in creating a dress and the attention that goes into the smallest details.

Do you work with photos or film material?
Both. For example, we film the production process. I also work a lot with photos. It is a constant search for interesting material. Very fascinating and at the same time very labor-intensive. There is a lot of competition so you have to be able to make a difference.

Which images work best?
We work hard on our brand image with our own photo shoots. You need that material as a brand, but it is not enough. Brides want to see the dresses on real bodies, not just on that of a model. Fortunately, brides usually hire a professional photographer for their wedding photos and we also love to share those photos. It is always appreciated when brides choose to share them with us. In addition, we also address their demand for inspiration. They are looking for a nice haircut, cool accessories, the right make-up decoration tips for their party,… You name it. We help them by inspiring them with different ideas.