Summer is long gone …

Summer is long gone …

and winter will soon be upon us.

Luckily we have our new knitwear collection to keep all of those winter brides warm and cosy!

Did you know our knitwear collection is made of the finest mohair and cashmere? Our Mohair is made of a silk-like yarn from the hair of the Angora goat. Incredibly just one single goat produces between four and five kilograms of hair per year and is shorn twice each year, luckily we don’t have to shear the goats ourselves! Mohair is notable for its high lustre and sheen, which has helped give it the nickname the “Diamond Fibre”, just perfect to keep a cold bride cosy on her wedding day!

We have incorporated a lace trim into four pieces of this knitwear collection and this identical lace can also be found in 17 of our Rembo Styling dresses. Your bride can mix and match to her heart’s content!

For the bride who doesn’t feel the cold, we’ve designed another finishing touch; a veil edged with the same lace that features in 17 of our dresses.