conquest emerging markets

The conquest of emerging markets

Reviewing growing markets with Chiara, Victoria (Account Manager) and Laurie (Agent United States)

Europe is the biggest market of Marylise and Rembo Styling. But not only brides say “yes” to a dress of our fashion company. From Australia to the United States or China, our designer bridal collection is for sale worldwide. “Moreover, we have a huge growth potential,” says Chiara.

“We have enormous confidence in the future. We notice there is an increasing demand in other countries for a creative and quality product that is different. An important condition for further growth, is the cooperation with reliable partners who believe in our product.” says Chiara.

Victoria continues: “In Australia, we made many new stores in only one year. We met a distributor in New York who was super excited about our brands and the first results look promising. Australia’s the boho homeland and is the market of choice for Rembo Styling. It’s not easy to conquer the Australian market because they have plenty of their own brands, but they appreciate the quality of our materials such as fine lace and a good fit.”


What does an Australian bride expect?

“She’s quite loose and laid back and is not too traditional. Her wedding dress can be quite sexy. They love our dresses with open backs for example. The number of stores will certainly grow so we expect a sensitive increase in the number of orders”, adds Victoria.

Marylise is preliminary not yet for sale in Australia but Victoria expects that Down Under they will undoubtedly succumb to the new collection that really leans in style with the taste of Australian brides.

“In the United States, we are now operating four years. We are already at some luxury boutiques but it could be even better. Our brand new agent Laurie is already very motivated to represent the collections in the US market and we’re convinced she has the right approach. Instead of aiming for the bigger players, she approaches the boutiques who have a personal touch”, says Victoria.

Laurie: “Boho Chic is gaining interest in the American market and its popularity continues to rise. There are also many boho shops. Saleswomen dressed in jeans and an alternative top, are the new relaxed way of selling. That formula works. We are in a number of stores now and are working very well with them. That is certainly good news. I am strongly convinced that we will attract more attention of new boutiques and will be able to achieve high growth this year. There are already many requests via the homepage of our website, which is definitely a good sign. If we get this right, we will definitely score. There are in every major city two or three nice shops, which offers even more potential. The price is already an asset. No brand offers made-to-measure dresses in this price category, thus we make the difference with Rembo Styling. That’s amazing!”

To achieve growth, it is also important to use social media correctly, she says.

“Fame and reputation is important in the United States. Americans love it. Therefore, we will work together online with the better bloggers and we lent dresses for editorial shoots. We can use the photos for our social media so that we gain notoriety”, Laurie concludes.

Also in China Bride, a trade fair in Shanghai, organized by Condé Nast Bride Magazine, Marylise and Rembo Styling reaped much success.

“We strongly believe that we will be able to conquer a niche in China as well. They love European wedding dresses because they cannot make such quality themselves”, Chiara explains.

“It is clear that globalization has begun and we are here to work hard for it. We have great confidence in the future.”