portuguese team

The Portuguese team

A successful year

The Portuguese atelier is the soul of Marylise and Rembo Styling. Because the fashion company has the expertise in their own hands, it is able to respond quickly and that is paying off. The Portuguese team looks back on a successful year.


What is the secret of this successful result?

João: The collection is really strong and brides from all over the world clearly appreciate that, as we sold a whole lot more dresses.

Catarina: The difference is within the details. We distinguish ourselves with the refined finish of the dresses: the beautiful lace that we work with, matching golden buttons…

Florival: Our delivery time has significantly improved as well. Materials, fabrics and accessories are delivered faster than before which means we are more flexible and can work faster to better serve the needs of our customers. Prompt delivery is essential in our business.

Alice: Our quality is at a high level and our own atelier runs so well that we work with other local suppliers. These subcontractors work at the same level as we do. Furthermore, we implement strict quality control. For example, all materials are monitored down to the smallest detail before they are processed.


What is your greatest asset?

Catarina: Creativity. Everything starts with the creations of the designers. It is up to us to translate the details that the creative team have invented into the dresses. That seems simple but it is not. You must take into account the limitations of the equipment and the price – the dress must remain affordable. It is rare that something really does not work.

We have grown: we produced 35% more dresses compared with last year. We are very proud of this achievement


Name such a challenge?

Florival: The sizes of the materials have their limitations. What sometimes happens, is that you simply cannot make a skirt in one piece due to the limitations of the width of the fabric. When that happens, we consult with the designer and together we think of a solution. One of the strengths of our company is that everyone helps everyone.

Catarina: Sometimes we make adjustments in consultation with the designers. Thanks to intensive cooperation with the Belgian team, we generally succeed in achieving miracles. Problems are for Fátima. (Laughs)

João adds: Fátima is a saint who can provide miracles. (Laughs) Fátima helps us.


What’s it like working for a Belgian company? Do you notice cultural differences?

Alice: The biggest difference? The food. We eat a warm meal twice a day. Here in Belgium you quickly eat a salad or sandwich for lunch.

Florival: We eat a lot more and take more time to eat, at least an hour. And further? We are a strong team. We produce the dresses; Belgium takes care of the creation, marketing and sales. We know we can count on each other and we all go for 200% customer satisfaction.


You work for a very specific customer, namely the bride. How’s that for you?

João: That is very special. You constantly do the impossible. It often happens that we have to hurry because the dress has to be ready in time. The date is fixed so you cannot afford to have a dress not ready in time.

Florival: Everyone trusts that the other person takes his responsibility and does his job well. The one who cuts the fabric does that correctly, the dresses are made as the designer wants it, they are shipped to the right customer…

Alice: En bref, nous sommes une équipe formidable!