The question of the bride in 2021 – Marylise

The modern bride of 2021 knows exactly what she wants. MRFG responds to her wishes with three powerful collections: Marylise and Rembo Styling and the new premium line Carta Branca. For the first time, the company is also launching a sustainable range, made with the same craftsmanship in Portugal.


MARYLISE: Craftsmanship for the strong, confident bride

Pure lines, a close-fitting silhouette, refined lace types. The Marylise bride is a contemporary princess who wants to show herself on her day from her most feminine side in a sophisticated dress with a flawless cut. For brides with a larger size, Marylise developed a curvy range from size 46, which highlights their feminine forms. Designers Ruth Donné and Manon Pascual talk about their creations.

What is the look of 2021?
Ruth: the collection looks very feminine because the Marylise bride wants to show off her shape. She dreams of a princess dress, but it must certainly not be stiff.

Manon: The Marylise bride does indeed like typical tulle skirts but it certainly doesn’t have to be all too much. Brides also want comfort.

Ruth: Broadly speaking, you can say that Marylise stands for chic and timeless. The dresses have a perfect cut and are made in refined lace types such as chantilly and precious fabrics such as chiffon and silk. In terms of models, we see classics such as close-fitting dresses or a dress with a lace top and a circle skirt. By manufacturing them in trendy materials, the whole look is very contemporary. In general, the look is slightly more reserved than in previous seasons.

Which influences characterize the collection?
Manon: You see a strong influence from the eighties. I love that period. Some examples are a dress in a beautiful jacquard decorated with a large flower and a dress with bare shoulders and puffed sleeves in sun ray pleats, very cool! Eighties is also a skirt / top combination where the top is finished with a Lady Di ruffle collar. It looks good and yet the image is very feminine because of the open back.

Ruth: Minimalism is also a trend: just think of a sober tight-fitting dress with long, lace sleeves. Beautiful in its simplicity is a long crepe dress with spaghetti straps and a lace waistband.

Manon: And another option. I am thinking of a dress with a beautiful lace top and spotted pleated skirt, with removable sleeves.

What are the eye-catchers in this collection for you?
Manon: A siren dress with a wink – a rock and roll bird motif on the back. I drew the motive and had it worked out at a local producer in Portugal.

Ruth: A dress with a circle roll and lace top, bordered with fringes. It is a side that you might expect at Rembo, but the whole looks very fresh and stylish. Very much in keeping with Marylise.

There is also an offer for curvy brides?
Ruth: Not everyone is a size 38. We noticed that more and more demand comes from brides who can’t find a dress that suits their style. They want a beautiful feminine dress that highlights their shape. We designed some of our dresses on the body of women with size 46 or more: the look is just as young and fresh. We simply made sure that the dresses offer more support, adjusted the cut-outs and the like so that they fit perfectly on the body of curvy brides.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Manon: I have my own collection that I create and sell in my studio in Bordeaux (France). Brides come to me for my style. I listen carefully to their wishes and then translate that into a wedding dress. I use that experience when I design for Marylise.

Ruth: I take inspiration from the fabrics, materials that look beautiful and feel good.




A game of materials and details
Claudia Llangostera created her second capsule collection for Marylise. Eleven pieces are included in this collection which consists of dresses, skirts and tops that can be combined in various ways. The look is minimalist and easy going.

What is the overall picture of the capsule collection?
The 2021 collection is sophisticated and elegant and made from solid materials. What is striking is the use of textures instead of patterns. It is a minimalist line that integrates nicely in the Marylise collection. The Marylise brides want a unique look: they expect their dress to be special, easy-going and simple.

What makes your capsule collection unique? How can the bride recognize the Claudia Llangostera touch?
I am convinced that simplicity equals elegance. This collection unmistakably bears my signature. Less is more is my motto. I play with various materials and details and yet the look is not excessive. What I also find important is that my clothes can be worn by brides with different body shapes. That is why I focused on strong pieces with which different combinations can be made.

What is your favorite piece?
That is without a doubt a top in satin with mesh with puffed sleeves. This blouse is tied at the back. Very nice when combined with the skirt. The look is spectacular. Very modern and slightly different to the usual style.

Which materials did you use?
Crepe georgette and lace.

Where did you find inspiration?
With brides, my clients and the prevailing trends in bridal fashion. Where my previous collection was more boho hippie and a bit more casual, this collection is clean and refined. I think intricate designs and luxury fabrics have had their time, we are now evolving into more modern, minimalist wedding dresses.

How does this capsule collection differ from your own line? 
The big difference is that I don’t have a collection. I make dresses tailored to the bride. At Marylise I can use and create an immense amount of materials without being restricted. What I like is that the bride can make many combinations from the eleven pieces and can create different looks. The image is very structured with less lace, more textures, and various volumes.