The question of the bride in 2021 – Rembo Styling

The modern bride of 2021 knows exactly what she wants. MRFG responds to her wishes with three powerful collections: Marylise and Rembo Styling and the new premium line Carta Branca. For the first time, the company is also launching a sustainable range, made with the same craftsmanship in Portugal.


Prefer sustainable!
The contemporary bride has an eye for the environment. She wants a sustainable dress, locally produced and made from responsible materials. MRFG answers this demand with a sustainable capsule collection within Rembo Styling. While Marylise guarantees risk-free commercial dresses in 2020, Rembo Styling does justice to its name and goes for innovation. This makes both brands very complementary and ensures a good balance within MRFG.

Why are you launching this capsule collection?
Ruth: Purer, cleaner, more sustainable. That is the demand we hear from the market. Brides want a beautiful wedding dress that is produced in a responsible way – no goat wool socks alternative. We have responded to this by offering a sustainable collection. At Rembo Styling we are showcasing twenty sustainable dresses. The entire collection is produced in Portugal and we work as locally as possible for this collection. Our ecological footprint is therefore already limited, but for these twenty models we went one step further and consciously changed our choice of materials.

Manon: In the current context, the bride feels closer than ever to nature. This means that she pays even more attention to the environment: she prefers recycled materials and products that are produced locally.

Géraldine: More and more often she chooses a top and skirt, pieces that she can still wear afterwards. Re-usability is also sustainability.

Rembo Styling proposes twenty sustainable dresses. Why not a complete sustainable collection?
Ruth: Today, honest materials are still scarce to find, so a 100% sustainable collection is unfortunately not yet feasible. We realized that many fabric suppliers did not see this trend coming and do not yet have any materials they could offer. Other manufacturers do want to come along, but fabricating materials from recycled materials, for example, requires other machines to make large investments and that is not self-evident for every producer.

What can brides expect from the sustainable Rembo Styling dresses?
Ruth: We started with our most successful creations and made a sustainable version of it. The look is clean and pure with beautiful back cuts. The dresses are beautiful because of their simplicity. We expect that they will be well received because that is exactly what the bride wants: sustainability, but in the form of a truly special wedding dress. In addition, I also created some new models.

Some eye-catchers?
Ruth: The simple slip dress with feminine back cut is very special combined with a lace overlay with a studded design. I found a side part with an Italian producer who specializes in swimwear. The lace is made in recycled nylon.
I am very proud of the 100% Belgian dress made in hemp from a Belgian fabric collection. Hemp is a very unusual material in bridal fashion. The result is daring for a wedding dress – crinkle fabric is rarely used in bridal fashion – but very successful and chic. Since linen is on the rise in ready-to-wear, we expect that this will also become a trend in bridal fashion.
Also, a simple dress with button closure and a ribbon on the waist in recycled crepe. A very feminine design that nicely encloses the body.
And then we have a jeans jacket in uncolored denim. Very fun!

Did the creation process different from the regular collection?
Ruth: Due to the limited supply of fabrics, it was not easy to make this collection. It is a new way of working. A lot of effort goes into the search for the right materials. More time is spent on designing the dresses themselves. Because there is little choice, I start from the material in the creative phase. I collect all the materials, see which direction I can go with, which combination possibilities there are and then I get started. It is really puzzling because there is a color difference in the different materials. We can make them whiter but there is a chemical process involved and that is out of the question for this capsule. To work as sustainably as possible, I work with a few different materials as possible.

What do you expect for the future?
Ruth: Our goal is to do better every season and to make a larger part of the collection sustainable. Fortunately, we are seeing a shift in mentality among fabric manufacturers. Due to the high demand in the market, they have started and spontaneously come to us for sustainable alternatives. So, it looks good for the future.
We are proud of our pioneering role. That gives us an advantage in the market because that way we can get exclusivity for certain materials.


REMBO STYLING Let’s do 2021 together!

Refined, daring, cheerful. That is the collection of Rembo Styling for 2021 in a nutshell. The design team created a diverse range of tailor-made designs for contemporary brides who want to be themselves on their special day.

The collection of 2021 cannot be placed in a box. Rembo Styling listened to the brides-to-be and incorporated their wishes into this powerful collection. Let’s do 2021 together, is therefore the motto of the season. The dresses are very diverse and very exuberant. Because the Rembo bride is trendy! She wants to experience fun with fashion and she expects the same from her wedding dress. A conversation with designers Ruth Donné, Manon Pascual and Géraldine Simonnet.

What’s the Rembo bride looking for?
Géraldine: The Rembo bride of 2021 is looking for emotion. On her wedding day, she wants to show her femininity. She likes sobriety but not sobriety. It’s a form of austerity. She takes the liberty to interpret it in her own way. She looks for inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram but doesn’t let anything impose itself. She has a lack of tradition and purity. But don’t call her non-conformist because she’s not; after all, she’s getting married.

It seems like a contradiction: she wants to be both a rebel and a princess.
Géraldine: What she really wants is to be herself.

How would you describe the look of 2021?
Manon: The look of the Rembo bride in 2021 is young and cool!

Géraldine: I call it cool chic.

Ruth: Influences from prêt-à-porter creep into bridal fashion. In contrast to Marylise, where the dresses are mostly tight-fitting, the look of Rembo Styling is slightly more oversized, a nod to the streetwear trend.

I see high-necked dresses in addition to sexy neckline cut-outs and back necklines.
Ruth: Keep super-feminine necklines. They are very refined and edged with lace.

Géraldine: The look may also be bold, but the whole effect always looks classy.

Ruth: On the other hand, we now also see the opposite trend: dresses with high ruffles for example. They are also super feminine because they are made of beautiful lace or tulle.

Another striking feature: puffed sleeves
Ruth: All three of us paid a lot of attention to the sleeves. Puffed sleeves, in particular, are on the rise. Very beautiful, executed in subtle lace.

Géraldine: It must remain festive. The bride wants to have fun with large sleeves, a hint of transparency, beautiful stripes, … a combination of different materials in one dress is so much fun.

Lace remains important.
Ruth: Of course. We pay a lot of attention to that. At Rembo Styling the focus is on modern lace types such as geometric motifs, thick guipures, and macramé.

Manon: I drew the motives for my designs and had the edges made by a local producer in Portugal.

A striking feature in the collection is the references to nature.
Manon: True, in today’s times, ecology is very important to the bride. For example, I incorporated flower and leaf motifs in the collection, a nod to nature. Don’t think the bride is a softie now. On the contrary. An example is a special dress in broderie Anglaise. Contrary to what you would expect, this material formed the basis of a sexy dress with a beautiful back neckline for a rebellious princess.

There are not only dresses in the collection, but also top / skirt combinations.
Géraldine: Brides increasingly want to combine tops or bodies with a skirt because they can still wear those pieces afterwards. They no longer think it’s justified to buy a dress for one day.

Manon: And jacket / dress combinations such as a cool lace jacket that you combine with a simple slip dress. Together they form a stylish duo for the bride who wants something different.