Welcome Célinie

Célinie (29), Account Manager

“Making customers happy is the fun part of my job!”

Célinie grew up in Namur, studied in Brussels and later moved to Antwerp. She speaks fluent French, Dutch and English, which is an important asset in her job. She is responsible for customer contacts in the French-speaking market. “I get to know the company’s DNA in this job.”

“The nice thing about my job is that I can make the customers happy. I can also help them with ‘difficult’ questions. I studied styling and modelling and worked for four years as assistant designer at a fashion company in Antwerp. I am therefore familiar with the technical aspect of wedding dresses.” Célinie Baert has only been working at MRFG since the end of 2018 and feels completely at home, even though this job is completely new to her.

“My job responsibilities are very varied. Every day I am in contact with customers: both the bridal shops and the brides themselves. The shops call to order a dress, have questions about fabrics, delivery times or what adjustments are possible to a dress. Furthermore, I answer questions from brides who contact us via the website.” Célinie explains. In addition, she is the liaison between the Belgian studio and the external studios. “Making wedding dresses is no easy task, so if the person in charge of the external studio has questions about a creation, she will come to me. I can usually solve this with my own workshop.”

As a little girl she wanted to become a costume designer. “I dreamed of designing clothes for film, theatre or the circus. That’s why I started studying styling. In the end I ended up in fashion by chance. I just happen to be in bridal fashion at MRFG and I am very pleased with this job. There are many similarities between bridal fashion and costume design. After all, you do not wear a wedding dress every day. That’s why I think it’s such a nice product.”

In addition to her work, Célinie still has a lot of hobbies. “Swimming and visiting museums. I also like to work with my hands. That can be anything, as long as I am creative: I sew and draw but I also like to work in my house with, for example, furniture painting.”