What does sustainability mean for MRFG?

Anyone who wants to look to the future with confidence as a fashion entrepreneur is obliged to invest in sustainability. MRFG became an ambassador for the Close The Loop program in 2019, whereby we, as an existing fashion company, we’re motivated to make our current processes more sustainable. We hope to inspire you and encourage you to opt for change. Hereby our view on sustainability!

What does sustainability mean for you?

“For us, sustainability means respecting both people and the planet. Step by step, we adapt the way we work to reduce our effect on the environment. In addition, sustainable entrepreneurship equals local entrepreneurship and short chains.”

What challenges are you currently facing?

“We are actively looking for sustainable materials, but many of them fail to meet our color and/or quality standards. This is quite a challenge and one that we want to address together with our suppliers. We push our current partners at all levels to come up with new solutions and we consistently ask them for sustainable alternatives – from the plastic at the cutting table to the materials of our hang tags. Thus we want to raise awareness with every actor in the chain, growing towards a more sustainable way of working together.”

Which lesson(s) do you want to share?

“The top of the company is highly motivated and takes corporate social responsibility very seriously. This has the huge advantage of allowing us to speed things up: the management makes decisions and swiftly introduces changes. But we also get the rest of the company on board via workgroups – a combination that has done wonders for us.”