About Carta Branca

Carta Branca is Veronique Branquinho’s vision of bridal fashion

The collection bears her signature and that means timelessness, precious fabrics and an artisan finish. Carta Branca is about purity and essence. Veronique Branquinho designs intuitively and is inspired by things she finds beautiful. That way she wants to make the bride’s most special day unforgettable. Every dress is made in high quality fabrics and is finished with precision and care. Carta Branca perfectly complements the brand portfolio of the Belgian group MRFG, already consisting of Marylise and Rembo Styling. MRFG wants to be a trendsetter in bridal fashion, which is why it is launching this new collection.

Carta Branca wants to say as much as Carte Blanche, but through the Portuguese translation the link is immediately made to our own production in Portugal as well as to the roots of Veronique Branquinho.The result of Carta Branca are seven creations and a few more pieces to put together ten powerful silhouettes. All models are made of timeless ivory white. Eager to learn more about Carta Branca? Get in touch with us!