“Be social” is MRFG’s motto

Seduce brides with an attractive world of experience

“Social media is important. That’s the message we want to convey to our customers, the wedding shops, “says Chiara De Vlieger. “We would like them to join our journey, and Liliana, our social media manager, takes care of that. We want to strengthen the bond between us and our customers – both the bridal shops and the brides – by working together on qualitative communication via social media. ” Chiara and Liliana explain.


Why social media?
Chiara: Before brides buy a dress, they start looking online. Nowadays they walk to the store with a picture in their hand and say “I want that dress”. As a manufacturer you have to grow with your audience and therefore with social media. How can we present and distinguish ourselves online qualitatively? That is what we are currently focusing on.

Liliana: Brides are looking for attractive brands online. If you want them to buy your dresses, you must seduce them with an attractive world of experience. So our message is: “be social”.


How do you approach brides with social media?
Chiara: We want to tighten the relationship between our company and the brides. We are a fun company and we want to show that to our brides.

Liliana: That’s right. They want a dress that they are proud of. Our dresses are designed with passion in Belgium and made with love in Portugal and we show that. We show our followers what happens behind the scenes.

Chiara: We recently recorded videos with our designers so that brides get to know them.

Liliana: And we also show how the dresses are made; that they really are finished by hand. We also make these images available for our customers and we invite them to share them through their media channels.


What topics still arouse the interest of brides?
Liliana: It is important to inspire them with photos in beautiful settings. We shoot the collection once a year and then publish campaign and lookbook images. This way we can communicate our vision on bridal fashion. That is important to distinguish us from other wedding brands.

Chiara: Only we’ve noticed that this is no longer sufficient. You have to keep yourself in the picture throughout the year. The bride has to be surprised every time, all year round. For example, by surprising her with a new capsule collection. We are working on other ways to deal with our communication. This way we maintain contacts with photographers, wedding planners, caterers, … in short, creative people who are active in the bridal sector, just like us, and we exchange photo material and tips. That is also a way to inspire brides and that’s how we inspire each other too.

Liliana: In addition, we maintain contact with “our” brides and ask them to share photos of their wedding day with us. That is wonderful material because most brides have beautiful, professional images and we like to publish them on our social media channels.


What are the most surprising images that you have received in this way?
Chiara: We received pictures of a couple that were photographed during a storm. Very striking! Such unique photos are inspiring and they generate a lot of likes.

Liliana: Wedding shops play an important role here.


How can wedding shops play a role?
Liliana: By engaging with our customers, just like us, or sharing the photos of them in their dresses for their and our social media. They are confidential counselors for the brides.

Campaign images are one thing, they are important to show our vision on bridal fashion. In addition, “real” images also play a role. When a bride has her eye on a dress, she often wants to see how that dress falls on someone who does not have the perfect size.