Creating unique wedding dresses

That suit our brides

Dynamism, daring and creativity. That is the secret behind the Marylise and Rembo Styling collections. Every dress is pure emotion. “Thanks to Social Media, brides are better informed and more demanding. That requires a creative response from our side. We have to continue to evolve as a brand,” says Werner De Vlieger. “We collect all ideas in one large creative laboratory. That enables us to develop two strong brands: Rembo Styling that stands for boho chic, and Marylise for sophisticated creations.”

Three designers – Ruth Donné, Manon Pascual, Geraldine Simonnet – work together to design a once in a lifetime dress for the bride. They each have their own style, personality and background and together they form an artistic dream team for Marylise and Rembo Styling. Furthermore, we’ve also started a collaboration with the French bridal fashion house Victoire Vermeulen. We are very convinced of their unique style and that is why we asked them to make ten creations for Marylise that bear their signature.


Ruth, Manon, Géraldine and Victoria reveal here what the 2019 collections have in store.

What are the prevailing tendencies in bridal fashion?
Géraldine: In Paris I feel a certain traditional atmosphere coming back in bridal fashion. I don’t consciously participate in that. Instead I do it with classical volumes and give it a very contemporary touch by not taking it too seriously. The dresses are traditional due to their volume. A wedding dress may be a bit romantic, but also has to exude a certain “coolness” at tha same time. It must be playful and festive.

Victoria: The style for 2019 is modern and fresh thanks to supple fabrics and pure lines. Nobody wants heavy and complicated dresses in taffeta. Marylise leans towards designer fashion, the creations are very refined and modern. Rembo Styling is fashion forward and edgier.

Manon: The Bohemian style remains, there is no escape. I continue this style at Rembo Styling and also introduce couture influences. Fabrics fall smoothly with beautiful back details. Another important trend is the princess dress, with flared skirts in silky satin and with an accent on the waist and also skirts with large pleats. Furthermore, the dresses become purer and more modern with less tight-fitting models popping up. Personally, I stay with classics that get a modern twist.

Marylise: flirting with classics
Traditional and yet resolutely contemporary. With attention to the smallest details and very sophisticated. Marylise spoils the bride with easy chic creations that are romantic and at the same time exude sophistication. Transparency is the key word in 2019.


What does Marylise stand for?
Victoria: Marylise focuses on a more classic and yet sophisticated bride. Someone who dreams of a perfect wedding and has arranged everything down to the last detail. She wants a designer dress for her wedding. Note though that classical is not synonymous with rigid. The creations are more modern and fresher than ever: sober and pure dresses with sophisticated lines and fit. Girls with a larger size can also find their dress within our collection.

Géraldine: The Marylise customer is somehow ‘more serious’ than the Rembo Styling bride. Marylise dresses are therefore more structured; a bit more conventional. Recognizable forms lie at the basis of the creations. I like to flirt with classics: I bring a certain volume in the dresses and respect the romantic side but the result must remain “cool”.

Manon: the Marylise bride dreams of a couture dress at an affordable price. The shapes and materials are classic. The details make the creations very contemporary. If you look at the collection for 2019, you can see that the dresses are fresher, perhaps even slightly more girly, with beautiful, fragile fabrics such as silk jacquard and striking deep backs.


How would you describe the style of Marylise?
Ruth Donné: For 2019 we have fine-tuned the collection. We’ve managed to develop a very personal style. Transparency is the key word. We played with materials and motifs, resulting in creations that are very romantic and yet sexy. The dresses are transparent but never too. 3D applications that bring relief to the clothes are very innovative. The designs range from classic, such as a dress with strapless top and draped bottom piece, to a bold trouser suit. Surprisingly so?


What materials did you work with?
Géraldine: We have opted for noble fabrics. Fabrics that inspire your imagnation and that are gentle to wear on the body.

Ruth: We used a lot of light, transparent materials. Less crêpes for example but a lot of tulle in nude or ivory and other smooth fabrics. You also see a lot of floral motifs popping up.

Manon: And do not forget: precious French lace!


What is your favorite of the collection?
Manon: Without doubt: Grace, the baby doll dress in Marilyn style. The dress is very surprising: short in front and long in the back. Because of the delicate French lace finishing and the daring back cut, this creation looks very seductive and yet very chic. This is very surprising in bridal fashion.

Géraldine: a minimalist, sleeveless dress with a bare back. The silhouette is sober, it’s the materials – transparent pleated tulle and lace decorated with leaf motifs – that determine the dress. The arm opening is also bordered with leaf motifs.


Where do you get the inspiration from?
Manon and Géraldine: Our customers, the brides, bring us ideas!

Manon: Furthermore, everything can really inspire me. Like most designers, I have my own universe, my interpretation of the spirit of the times.

Géraldine: My designs are a reaction to what happens to young brides. Things that I feel. I am also guided by what I see on Instagram. What is now alive is the princess dress but in a whole new way. The atmosphere is romantic, sensual and can even be a bit rock & roll.