Victoire Vermeulen

Couture meets sophisticated simplicity

Victoire Vermeulen. Under this name three French sisters with a Flemish surname create fresh and innovative wedding dresses for Marylise. Unpretentious couture dresses that are both refined and surprisingly simple at the same time. “It’s a style that you hardly come across in the world of bridal fashion,” says Werner De Vlieger of MRFG, “that’s why we convinced Eglantine, Myrtille and Eugénie to design a capsule collection for us. The result: ten surprising dresses in a style that you will not easily find in bridal fashion. Already we’re very proud of it. ”


How did you end up in the fashion world? What is the story behind Victoire Vermeulen?
Eglantine Vermeulen: “None of us studied fashion, we are self-taught. After a diverse study trail, all three of us decided to make cocktail dresses. That’s how we ended up in the fashion world. For as long as I can remember, we loved fashion and beautiful clothes. We have that from our mother. Victoire Vermeulen has been established for 13 years. We started with cocktail dresses, but we have also been creating bridal fashion for three years now. ”

“Our style is very specific. You love it or you hate it. We are known for our daring creations and as a result regular customers have already knocked on our door to make their wedding dress. “

“In the end, we decided to complete our collection with bridal fashion on the occasion of our tenth anniversary. It’s successful because the bridal fashion season follows the cocktail dress season. A nice bonus is that we can now dress both the bride and the mother of the bride. ”

What do the wedding dresses of Victoire Vermeulen stand for?
Eglantine Vermeulen: “Mmm, hard to describe. We make clothes for a characterful bride. A woman who wants to stand out. What we often hear from our customers is that their friends who are already married, all wore the same thing. They want to stand out with something unique. ”

“We find that most brides look at what is on offer in the bridal market and thus choose a dress. The women who come to us do not settle for that. They have a strong character and want to distinguish themselves. ”


Why did MRFG contact you for a collaboration, do you think?
Eglantine Vermeulen: “A while ago Werner and Chiara visited us in our studio and asked us to make a number of wedding dresses for Marylise. We are very proud of that. Why did they choose us? I think because we simply do our thing. We are not concerned with the current big trends in fashion. ”


What exactly is that “our thing”?
Eglantine Vermeulen: “There is a certain structure in our dresses and we work with fairly heavy materials that bring that structure into it. You will find less lace and muslin within our designs. ”


What do you admire about MRFG?
Eglantine Vermeulen: “Their quest for innovation and craftsmanship. It is not the first time that we’ve been approached to work together with a producer of wedding dresses, but it is the first time that we’ve said ‘yes’. We have designed ten dresses and have also been in Portugal to perfect the dresses. It looks promising. We are proud that Werner and Chiara appreciate our style. ”


What is the result? What can customers expect?
Eglantine Vermeulen: “Two short and eight long cream-white dresses that vary from daring to easy to wear. From a dress with a bustier decorated with a big bow to a dress with lace and a big neckline. The main materials we used are heavy crêpes and guipure lace. ”


The name Vermeulen suggests that you have Flemish roots. Is that right?
Eglantine Vermeulen: “Yes, we are françaises but our roots are in Flanders. We still have family living there. “